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Edge Tile & Stone – Terms & Conditions

  • It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that sufficient goods are purchased to complete their job. Edge Tile & Stone cannot guarantee future supply of any product including shade. It is the buyer’s responsibility to supply quantities required for their project. Edge Tile & Stone takes no responsibility for quantity take offs. All measurements and quantities to be supplied by the buyer.

  • No guarantees are made by Edge Tile & Stone, their employees or associates, expressed or implied as to the quality or performance of any product supplied by Edge Tile & Stone.

  • It is the responsibility of the buyer to check all goods on receipt, in all respects. Edge Tile & Stone will not investigate any claims for shortages, batch variations, product quality or performance after 24 hours of delivery or if tiles have been fixed.

  • No claims whatsoever will be accepted with regard to batch variation, crazing or any inherent characteristic of kiln fired products. 

  •  Variation in colour and texture in natural stone products is normal , We recommend  purchaser inspect goods prior to installation in order  to ensure even blending of  colours , once material has been installed it is deemed as being accepted by purchaser.

  •  We recommend that natural stone be sealed inclusive of all terrazzo products. Natural   stone may react to chemical compounds , so please follow manufacturer’s instructions   and ensure to carry out testing prior to full application.

  • All slate and marble is sold on the understanding that it is a natural product and therefore sold with no guarantee whatsoever.

  • Edge Tile & Stone is not liable for any expense or injury arising from the use of any product supplied thereby.

  • No tiles will be accepted for credit unless accompanied by the purchaser’s copy of the invoice and must be in unopened cartons of current stock shades and colour. Tiles must be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. 20% of the total credit will be deducted for handling. All freight charges will be at the purchasers’ expense.

  • Glass, Stone or Decorators will not be accepted for credit.

  • No credit will be allowed for tiles that were ordered especially for clients, sold at wholesale prices, sales prices, discounted, run of kiln and second quality.

  • Edge Tile & Stone reserves the right to refuse to accept any tiles for credit at any time.

  • Credit facilities are extended to approved customers; all accounts must be paid within 30 days. A 0.5% weekly interest charge will apply on all overdue accounts and credit facilities will be withdrawn until the account is settled in full.

  • A minimum charge of $10.00 per invoice will apply.

  • The approved customer shall notify Edge Tile & Stone of any change of address, change of company status pending legal action by another creditor or any other information relevant to our association.

  • The approved customer acknowledges that, although the risk of all goods accepted by them, their employees or servants, passes upon despatch of those goods from Edge Tile & Stone or its depot, property in and ownership of the said goods shall not pass to them until the full invoice value is paid to Edge Tile & Stone and until such payment is received, Edge Tile & Stone is at liberty to remove and take away said goods and for that purpose to have freedom of access at all times to the premises upon which said goods are located without being liable in civil or criminal proceedings relating thereto.

  • Credit facilities will be considered for approval after the applicants have signed the appropriate application for credit facilities form together with director’s guarantees thereon.


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