Stain Protector 5L

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SKU: ET34098


Tile Size
Sheet Size
Tile Thickness
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270 × 140 mm

Premium impregnating sealer world-leading protection for stone and other porous surfaces.

  • Maximum water and oil repellence for optimal stain protection
  • Super-penetrating, permanent bonding technology for super protection against, efflorescence, picture framing, salt spalling, freeze-thaw spalling.
  • Optimized for most types of porous building material/surface, from natural stone to brick, terracotta, concrete, and saltillo.
  • Retains surface color and finish
  • Highly breathable, allows water vapor to escape freely, and limits harmful moisture buildup inside the treated material.
  • Stands up to commercial cleaning methods.
  • Treated surfaces remain to look good for longer and are easier to clean.


Shipping currently takes up to approximately 12 working days depending on location. Edge doesn’t offer an express shipping option. Pricing starts at $88 and increases depending on the state you live in. For more information please go to our help centre.


$980 inc. GST
390 × 340 mm
$276 inc. GST
270 × 140 mm
$54 inc. GST
270 × 140 mm
$1,570 inc. GST
390 × 340 mm
$410 inc. GST
270 × 140 mm
$100 inc. GST
170 × 90 mm
240 × 140 mm
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