Medina Bianca Casa & Lily Fine Zellige Panel 262.2x262.1

$493 per box inc. GST

That is $809 per m2

$809 per m2 inc. GST

inc. GST
SKU: ET35595

This quantity of boxes would cover 0.6m2

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Tile Size
Sheet Size
Tile Thickness
Suggested Grout Colour
262 × 262 mm
262x262 mm

Medina Bianca Casa

Our range of Moroccan Mosaic Panels reflect both our appreciation and support of this craft and recognition of their timeless appeal.

Moroccan Mosaic Panels are  available in 8 options, constructed from several different combinations of Morocco’s most beautiful selections; Lily, Bianca Casa, Sage, Aqua and Sky Blue.

Authentic Moroccan tiles are 100% hand-crafted based on centuries of tradition and characterised by their irregularities and imperfections.  Tiles will vary in colour, shade, tone and sizes and display pits, cracks and chipped edges,  this is the magic of imperfection. Website images should not be taken as representative of the colours and are only indicative. Ranges should be viewed in our showroom.


Shipping currently takes up to approximately 12 working days depending on location. Edge doesn’t offer an express shipping option. Pricing depending on the state you live in and weight of the product. For more information please go to our help centre.


1500 × 720 mm
$5,400 inc. GST inc. GST
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