Fortifier Plus 5L

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SKU: ET34100
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Tile Size
Sheet Size
Tile Thickness
Suggested Grout Colour
270 × 140 mm

Impregnating, permanent consolidator and water repellent. Premium protection from salt spalling & freeze-thaw spalling.

Superior protection for very porous building materials, including natural stone, which are exposed to saltwater or freeze-thaw conditions.

  • Non film-forming and retains natural colour.
  • Keeps surfaces looking new for longer, makes cleaning easier.
  • Fully breathable, allowing water vapor to escape freely, avoiding harmful moisture build-up inside the material.
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor surfaces on residential and commercial projects.
  • Negligible change to slip resistance when applied according to our written instructions and guidelines.
  • High resistance to alkaline (high pH) environments. Concrete is highly alkaline/base and can severely shorten the life of other technologies.
  • Totally resistant to UV

Dangerous Goods Class 3 – only available for pickup


Shipping currently takes up to approximately 12 working days depending on location. Edge doesn’t offer an express shipping option. Pricing depending on the state you live in and weight of the product. For more information please go to our help centre.


1500 × 720 mm
$5,400 inc. GST inc. GST
1700 × 840 mm
$299 inc. GST inc. GST
700 × 100 mm
600 × 1200 × 100 mm
$49 inc. GST inc. GST
200 × 100 mm
$190 inc. GST inc. GST
189 × 40 mm
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100 × 100 mm
900 × 200 mm
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