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Our extra long heavy duty fire pit pokers are great for stoking hot fires!  A custom designed fire pokers large enough (at 850mm in length) for the largest of fire pits or fireplaces or camping fires. Our fire pokers have been designed and manufactured to keep as cool as can possible under extremely hot conditions.

they are suitable for all types of fires, fire pits, fireplaces, bbqs and camping fires.

The curved end and two prongs with the angled ‘catchers’ of this fire pit tool makes it perfect for shifting burning logs or smouldering coals and charcoal.

The handle of the fire pit poker stick is a simple, practical and strong design.  With the generous length of the fire poker the heat has a way to travel before it reaches the handle – we do however always recommend that you don’t leave your fire pit poker in the fire pit but place on a safe surface nearby.


Shipping currently takes 12 working days. Edge doesn’t offer an express shipping option. For more information please go to our help centre. Pricing starts from $70 and goes up to $160 depending on the state you live in.


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390 × 340 mm
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