Pompeii Travertine Random Crazy Pave 30mm

$160 inc. GST
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SKU: ET34675
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Tile Size
Sheet Size
Tile Thickness
Suggested Grout Colour
100-400 × 100-400 mm

This stunning natural crazy pave tile can be used for indoor tiles, outdoor tiles, wall cladding, pool paving, stepping stones, feature walls and anywhere else you desire! It has a smooth flat face with tumbled edges making it ideal for laying inside your home or outside in entertaining and high traffic areas. The pavers are of random sizes between 100-400mm and at a thickness of 30mm.


Shipping currently takes up to approximately 12 working days depending on location. Edge doesn’t offer an express shipping option. Pricing depending on the state you live in and weight of the product. For more information please go to our help centre.


1500 × 720 mm
$5,400 inc. GST inc. GST
1700 × 840 mm
$299 inc. GST inc. GST
700 × 100 mm
600 × 1200 × 100 mm
$49 inc. GST inc. GST
200 × 100 mm
$190 inc. GST inc. GST
189 × 40 mm
$58 inc. GST inc. GST
100 × 100 mm
900 × 200 mm
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