Riverstone Cobble 100x100x20mm Sheet

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SKU: ET34676


Tile Size
Sheet Size
Tile Thickness
Suggested Grout Colour
100 × 100 mm
540x430 mm
    • Usage: Driveways, High Traffic Areas
    • Finish: Exfoliated, Split Edges
    • Tiles Sizes: 100x100x20mm
    • Mesh Size: 540x430mm (20 Pieces on a mesh)
    • Slip Test: Available
    • Application: Driveways, High Traffic Areas, High Use Areas

Riverstone Cobble stand out with beige and golden shades of stones in the combination of soft grey. The lighter streaks create an interesting pattern on driveways, walkways, or sidewalks. They withstand wear and tear without fading or breaking, staying intact for many years.


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$980 inc. GST
390 × 340 mm
$276 inc. GST
270 × 140 mm
$54 inc. GST
270 × 140 mm
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