Planning your wedding suits

As you have mostly likely already realised, planning a wedding can be a beautiful but stressful time in your life. At Black Jacket Suiting we aim to make finding your perfect suit or suits a seamless process through efficient systems, timely planning and transparent communication at all points along you journey with us. So, what can you expect from you first appointment with us?

  • The Suiting Introduction

When you enter our store, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff who will make you feel at easy during the whole process. We start by asking some key questions about your big day to learn more about how we can best fit our wide range of product offerings (link to product catalogue or product page?) into your wedding style, colour themes and budgets. Below we have listed some common question you can expect:

  • When is your wedding date?
  • Where is your wedding located?
  • How many people are in your wedding party?
  • What colours are the brides and bridesmaids’ dresses?
  • What items do you require or not require?

By first finding out the answers to the above and more or experienced sales staff can efficiently pair and recommend the best products we offer to your needs.

  • The Suit Pricing Options

Once your sales person has a grounding on your wedding requirements, they will take you through our product pricing ranges from entry level to custom level and explain the differences (pros & cons) between them and what would be most suited for your needs.

At Black Jacket Suiting we have a plethora of options to hire, purchase or even custom make (links to respective pages) for your wedding suits. You will have the ability to even combine these options within you wedding party to ensure you can fit with everyone’s budget. For example, this might mean a custom suit for the groom and a combination or purchase and hire suits for the groomsmen.

  • Wedding Suit Hire or Buy?

While hiring is a great option to minimise the budget the benefit of purchasing a suit with us is that you can alter the suit in ways that you can’t to a hired garment. Some alterations (for example a jacket slimming) are permanent changes to the suit and will only be available when you purchase a suit.

For this reason, we highly recommend the groom purchase his suit and provide the groomsman with the option to hire or purchase. With this being said, if the groom is of standard build and/or you opt for a suit with less frequency of use potential post wedding (e.g. a tuxedo) we may recommend the groom hire the suit for the day as well.

  • Custom Wedding Suits?

For most of our clients we can find an off-the-rack suit shape (pattern silhouette) and colour that can be altered to fit close to a final result of what a custom suit will achieve. However, for some clients (budget permitting) you may feel you would like to spoil yourself with a custom ‘one of one’ piece for your wedding day?

A tailor-made wedding suit has the fitting benefits of allowing us to take into account individual nuances such as posture and body proportions as well as allowing us to use different cuts for different parts of the body. For example, you might choose to give yourself a regular fit around the chest but a skinny fit around the stomach and biceps to provide a comfortable and movable fit but allow for a figure hugging and athletic finish.

Learn more about custom suits

One of the shortfalls with a custom-made suit for your wedding is that you cannot use the same fabric as any of the off-the-rack hire or purchase options. This is because all the custom fabrics we hold belong to separate manufactures to our off-the-rack suppliers who own their own licenses to their fabrics.

Pro Tip: this shortfall can become an advantage to separate the groom’s suit from his groomsman by using a different colour within the same colour block and make him stand out on the big day.

  • Let Try Styles & Colours

Once your sales person has discussed the finer details of you wedding suit styles, colours and pricing options it’s time to try them on so we can talk about getting the right fit for you and your wedding party.

This process will give you the chance to see what the off-the-rack suit style and colours you are interested in will look like on you for the big day. We will discuss the pros and cons of the fits and what aligns with your budget as well as make styling and pairing combination for your accessories to ensure you compliment your wedding themes and the female side of the bridal party.

  • The Quote & Timeline

Once you are completely satisfied with the options you have seen and your sales person has recommended, we will walk you through our formal quote process which quickly and expertly auto-calculates your estimates individual grooms party members and overall costs based on your requirements. Our system will also apply the best discounts or packages suited to your needs before you leave your appointment.

Note: It is important to remember at this preliminary stage changes can easily be made and we will always communicate and check all the details with you before proceeding.

Finally, your sales person will provide you with a monthly timeline and countdown to your wedding with key marker dates on when certain tasks need to be completed to ensure everything is perfectly organised and ready for your wedding day.

All this information and notes from your appointment will then be provided to you in an email to ensure accountability and transparency on all accounts. This also allows us to keep records for any future consultations or purchases you may have with Black Jacket Suiting. 

Happy with what you just read? We would love for you to experience our unique and personalised consultation process. Make a booking today with the below link.

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