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Edge Tile & Stone is more than just a business. we are a family of dedicated, knowledgeable and driven professionals. while we are diverse in our skills, style and experience, we are unified in our ambition to make incredibly designed tiles, stone, flooring and furniture accessible to everyone.

It’s our mission to source and share a diverse collection of world-class products from across the globe and empower our customers to find the perfect selection for their space. our Brisbane based team works closely with international manufacturers, suppliers and creators to handpick a range that offers a positive and lasting legacy for every customer.

Since opening our doors nearly three decades ago, our team has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to innovation. what started as a family-only team has grown and evolved to welcome innovative and reliable professionals from all backgrounds. whether it’s in our Capalaba showroom or traveling the world to source new products, our people strive for excellence in everything they do.

We’re continually seeking new opportunities to streamline our approach and ensure we’re providing the best possible experience at every stage of the process. by introducing the latest technologies and forward-thinking strategies, we give our residential and commercial clients the peace-of-mind that they’re in good hands.

Because we aspire to create spaces people want and care about.

The Edge Tile + Stone Difference

People-first Approach

We know our success depends on our ability to connect with our customers and truly understand what matters to them. we pride ourselves on always putting our customers first – not just because they dictate the styles and products we stock, but because they remind us why we’re doing what we do.

Quality Control

The quality of our products is the greatest contributor to our success, and it underpins our contribution to beautiful spaces around the world. our stringent quality control standards ensure every shipment we receive goes well beyond the australian safety standards. it’s this measured approach that delivers products that are truly memorable – for all the right reasons.


Innovation is in our DNA. we’re always backing our team, investing in innovative technologies, and seeking new collaboration opportunities to ensure our progress. the changes we make don’t always have to be big, as long as they contribute to our business’ continual growth, development, and evolution.

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