We love tiles

We are genuinely passionate about our products!

We love tiles, we love beautiful wooden flooring, we love our stone, we love furniture, we love it all. We really do. We love finding new designs, new trends, new applications and new materials in new ways. We also love old school great quality artisan products like terrazzo, stone veneer and wooden panels.

We also love our stone statue family, which were handmade in Indonesia. They are featured throughout our website, showroom and design studio because they are gorgeous. Simple as that. They are reluctantly for sale. We mean adoption!

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Sharing the love and fresh looks.

We are genuinely driven by sourcing the most beautiful tiles, stone, flooring and furniture from around the world for your next project. This enables us to offer some exclusive products that you will not find anywhere else.


Sometimes the lead time can be longer, but the final result will so stunning it is truly worth the wait.

We travel the world meeting with amazing suppliers and checking out manufacturing facilities in person. We will only bring back products to Australia that we know our customers will absolutely love.

We are proud Aussie’s. We are keeping the love real for our Australian suppliers and artists too. We love supporting fresh talent and old school artisans looking to go commercial.

Get in touch if you think we might make a good match made in design heaven.

Keep an eye on our social media to see where we are travelling and the fresh looks we are loving.

Our Reputation

Highest Quality

We recommend only the best quality product that will make the most visual impact that is within your budget.

We don’t do poor quality products. If it doesn’t meet our quality guidelines, we won’t sell it.

We ensure each shipment is in good condition before it leaves our warehouse.


Great Customer service

We believe in old school values like respect and integrity.

We are committed to providing great customer service and ensuring that we have done our best to provide a high quality product that meets the customers’ expectations. Every time.

It makes good business sense.... Plus we sleep better at night knowing we make our customers very happy!


Edge Tile and Stone is a family owned company who have been in the industry for over 40 years.


Our design consultants are specialists in tiles and all things flooring in a residential and commercial sense. You will be in good hands with our talented team.